Laus Awards Campaign

Communication campaign for Laus Awards 2019, one of the most prestigious Graphic Design and Visual Communication international awards, organized by ADG FAD, Barcelona. A satirical and funny reflection about how an award can change your life represented trought a serie of magnified quotidian scenes. 


A tribute to the legendary Jean Laplace (1934-2018).


Each year the ADG Laus Awards for Graphic Design and Visual Communication recognise the best projects in more than 50 sections in five categories. The Laus Awards promote design, express its cultural and economic importance for society and support for the professional environment.


Creative & Art Direction + Graphic Design: Carles Murillo
Illustration: Marc Torrent
Animation: Genís Rigol
Sound design: Nico Roig

Photography: Buen Javier


ADG FAD, Barcelona